about Jagua

Jagua is the juice from the fruit Genipa Americana that grows in the tropical forests of North and South America. For the native folks there(Kayapo culture) it’s a cultural ritual to paint their whole bodies with Jagua.


Jagua gained a lot of popularity past few years in Western Countries, because it stains the colour of a real tattoo, but fades within a few weeks. This is ideal for people who want try out a tattoo before taking one permanently. Also a lot of people like the effect of a real tattoo, even for mehndi art.


Contrary to our henna, we don’t make the jagua ourself. We supply it from Jagua wholesaler’s. We choose the suppliers who gives us stunning and long lasting quality.


We apply jagua just ike henna, with a cone. Unlike henna, Jagua needs to sit 2-4 hours, en needs to be washed under runny, luke warm water. After removing the Jagua gel, you will see nothing! Within 24-48 hours you will magically see your tattoo transfering into a blueblack/black print.

Jagua henna
Jagua application