Henna is a reddish/brown pigment that is found in the cell nucleus of the plant Lawsonia Inermis. This plant grows best in a tropical environment. Places like Afrika, Asia and South America. To use it the right way on our skin and hair, the leaves from the plant are dried in the sun, and crushed into a very fine powder structure.


We use powders out of India and Pakistan(Rajasthani and Jamila) in our recipe. Dependently on the assignment, we also use different blends of essential oils, lemon juice, tea, plain water in our paste. We use organic and fair ingredients. Our exact recipe is on our Instagram.


If you apply henna on to the skin, and leave this for at least 4 tot 8 hours, you’ll find a bright orange stain after the paste is removed. With proper aftercare, this will turn dark brown/burgundy in the next 48-72 hours!


Proper aftercare instructions of your henna stain will be given to you while you’re having your appointment.


Warning: Please understand that our henna doesn’t stain black. Black henna is a myth! The only colors natural henna stains, is Burgundy/Reddish brown. We do have a 100% natural substitute for natural and temporary black body art: see Jagua.

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hennapoeder en citroensap
essentiËle olie
henna pasta
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